Introducing Xosi Coin

Back in the day, Imagine if Nike, GymShark, Adidas or UnderArmour launched their brand with the support of a crypto currency token?

The Xosi Coin Ecosystem has been designed and set up to support and champion the development of a new golf and fitness clothing brand, Xosi.

Launching on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Xosi Coin Ecosystem will consist of the Xosi Coin Token, Xosi Coin NFTs and eventually a Xosi Coin P2E game; A variety of utilities aimed at interacting with and building the Xosi community.

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This project is unique to the crypto space. Xosi Coin will become the first token to support and champion a legitimate clothing brand that has ambitious goals in the clothing retail market.

Xosi Coin tokenomics

The Xosi Coin Tokenomics are designed to support both the Xosi Coin Ecosystem and Xosi Clothing brand. The total supply will be 100,000,000. Tax paid will go on a mix of Marketing Activities, Product Development / Deployment and the recruitment of necessary staff to oversee the Overall Xosi Project.

Locked LP

Marketing Wallets



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Phase 1

Xosi CoinStore Listing
Marketing Partnership Agreed
Mass Marketing Strategy Confirmed
2 x Team AMA’s
Press Releases
Xosi Clothing Order Confirmed
Build Social Media Communities
- 5,000 Telegram Members
- 10,000 X Followers
1Million Market Cap

Phase 2

- Xosi Clothing Line Launch
- Xosi Store Website Launch
- $5 million Market Cap
- 5,000 XosiCoin Holders
- NFT Research and Development
- Build Social Media Communities
- 10,000 Telegram Members
- 15,000 X Followers

Phase 3

- NFT Launch
- Xosi Clothing Line 2025 Designs
- Xosi Store Website V2
- $10 million Market Cap
- 10,000 XosiCoin Holders
- Staking Research and Development
- Build Social Media Communities
- 15,000 Telegram Members
- 20,000 X Followers

Phase 4

- Tier 2 Exchange Listing
- Xosi Clothing Line 2025 Order
- $15 million Market Cap
- 15,000 XosiCoin Holders
- Staking Research and Development
- Metaverse Research and Development
- Build Social Media Communities
- 20,000 Telegram Members
- 25,000 X Followers


- @XosiCoin Launch
- @XosiCoin Website V1
- WhitePaper V1
- Build Social Media Communities
- 200 Telegram Members
- 750 X Followers
- Clothing Range Designs Confirmed
- Xosi Store Online Beta
- Marketing Partnership Meetings
- Tier 3 Exchange Listing Confirmed
- Market Making Team Confirmed
- Exchange Listing Date Confirmed
- Clothing Samples Received

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