• Xosi Goals

    1. To research, develop, produce and retail a High End Golf and Fitness clothing line.

    2. To launch a cryptocurrency that sits on all major listing exchanges as a blue chip currency that is traded with confidence and trust.

    3. To build a diverse and interactive community using a variety of utilities.

    4. To explore further opportunities within the Clothing Apparel and web3 spaces

  • Introducing XosiCoin

    Back in the day, Imagine if Nike, GymShark, Adidas or UnderArmour launched their brand with the support of a crypto currency token?
    The Xosi Clothing brand has big dreams

    The Xosi Coin Ecosystem has been designed and set up to support and champion the development of a new golf and fitness clothing brand, Xosi.

    The Xosi Clothing brand aims to research, develop, produce a full clothing line, with accompanying accessories, to consumers who are in search of something where high end meets high performance.

    With the support of the XosiCoin Token tax tokenomics, Xosi will be ambitious with its business strategy and execute its plan to market more effectively and efficiently.

    In return for the support it receives from XosiCoin, this idea is that a percentage of the Xosi Clothing brand profits filter back into Xosi Coin adding stability and value to the token itself.

    Xosi Coin holders will have access to an active team who will share their ideas and collaborate with the community.

    Holders will get a front row seat to watch as the Xosi Clothing brand and its market value take off.

  • Introducing Xosi Clothing

    Xosi is a high end Golf and Fitness Apparel brand.
    The first clothing line is due to launch in 2024.
    The first clothing range release is going to be Mens Golf Apparel.
    There will be a total of 4 clothing ranges:

    1. “In the gym”

    2. “On the range”

    3. “On the course”

    4. “In the clubhouse”

    Each section will produce relevant lifestyle editorial to match

    The clothing line will retail online @ www.DiscoverXosi.com (Beta site can be viewed at https://discoverxosi.com/?v=79cba1185463)

    Marketing of the clothing brand will be pushed across social media via targeted advertising campaigns which includes mix of still tiles and video content.

  • Xosi Golf Apparel - Initial Launch Line

  • Xosi Golf Apparel - Tech Pack Example

  • Xosi Golf Apparel - Tech Pack Example

  • XosiCoin

    Xosi Coin will give crypto investors the opportunity to invest and back a credible and legally registered Golf and Fitness clothing brand.

    Launching on the Ethereum Blockchain, the XosiCoin Ecosystem will consist of:

    ● XosiCoin Token
    ● XosiCoin NFTs and staking
    ● XosiCoin P2E game

    A variety of utilities aimed at interacting with and building the XosiCoin community.

Phase 1

Xosi CoinStore Listing
Marketing Partnership Agreed
Mass Marketing Strategy Confirmed
2 x Team AMA’s
Press Releases
Xosi Clothing Order Confirmed
Build Social Media Communities
- 5,000 Telegram Members
- 10,000 X Followers

Phase 2

- Xosi Clothing Line Launch
- Xosi Store Website Launch
- $5 million Market Cap
- 5,000 XosiCoin Holders
- NFT Research and Development
- Build Social Media Communities
- 10,000 Telegram Members
- 15,000 X Followers

Phase 3

- NFT Launch
- Xosi Clothing Line 2025 Designs
- Xosi Store Website V2
- $10 million Market Cap
- 10,000 XosiCoin Holders
- Staking Research and Development
- Build Social Media Communities
- 15,000 Telegram Members
- 20,000 X Followers

Phase 4

- Tier 2 Exchange Listing
- Xosi Clothing Line 2025 Order
- $15 million Market Cap
- 15,000 XosiCoin Holders
- Staking Research and Development
- Metaverse Research and Development
- Build Social Media Communities
- 20,000 Telegram Members
- 25,000 X Followers


- @XosiCoin Launch
- @XosiCoin Website V1
- WhitePaper V1
- Build Social Media Communities
- 200 Telegram Members
- 750 X Followers
- Contract Audited
- Clothing Range Designs Confirmed
- Xosi Store Online Beta
- Marketing Partnership Meetings
- Tier 3 Exchange Listing Confirmed
- Market Making Team Confirmed
- Exchange Listing Date Confirmed
- Clothing Samples Received

  • Why you need to invest

    1. The Project

    2. Utility

    3. Community

    4. Rewards

    5. Reputation

  • The Project

    This project is unique to the crypto space. XosiCoin will become the first token to support and champion a legitimate and legally registered clothing brand that has ambitious goals in the Golf and Fitness Apparel market.

    Utilising XosiCoin tokenomics, the Xosi clothing brand will be able to escalate its business strategy more effectively and efficiently.

    A successful clothing brand will then share a % of profits back into the XosiCoin Ecosystem.

  • Utility

    Currently in progress:

    ● A legally registered clothing brand retailing Golf and Fitness Apparel.
    ● DiscoverXosi.com online store
    ● XosiCoin CurrencyXosiCoin P2E game
    ● XosiCoin NFTs

    In the pipeline:

    ● P2E Game
    ● Metaverse experience
    ● Bridging
    ● CryptoCurrency payment system to buy Xosi merchandise

  • Community

    Building a loyal and interactive community is paramount to the success of both Xosi Clothing and XosiCoin.

    We will be working hard to build a community where Trading, Fashion and Interests are at the core of what we develop and deliver.

    ● You don’t have to be in to Golf and/or Fitness to enjoy the rewards of the The XosiCoin ecosystem
    ● You don’t have to be in to Crypto to enjoy the high end range of merchandise that the Xosi clothing brand will offer
    ● Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be in to both and want to enjoy the enterprise of the Coin and the Clothing brand

    Transparency in what stages both entities are at is important to us and we will continuously engage with our consumers on both sides of the fence.

  • Rewards

    1% of all sell tax will go back into the XoinCoin Liquidity Pool.

    XosiCoin community members will get exclusive access to news and developments relating to Xosi Clothing

    XosiCoin holders will get access to Xosi Clothing Discounts, offers and experiences.

    XosiCoin holders will get the benefit of Xosi Clothing profits being cycled back into the XosiCoin ecosystem in the form of:

    ● Buy Backs
    ● Competitions
    ● Giveaways

  • Reputation

    Our goal at Xosi is to deliver two projects that complement each other.

    A successful, well respected and popular Xosi clothing brand adds credibility to XosiCoin investors.

    A dynamic, interactive and stable XosiCoin ecosystem generates further investment for the Xosi clothing brand, ensuring vital financial support to continuously research, develop and produce a clothing line that consumers want to buy and wear with confidence.

  • XosiCoin

    Xosi Coin will give crypto investors the opportunity to invest and back a credible and legally registered Golf and Fitness clothing brand.

    Launching on the Ethereum Blockchain, the XosiCoin Ecosystem will consist of:

    ● XosiCoin Token
    ● XosiCoin NFTs and staking
    ● XosiCoin P2E game

    A variety of utilities aimed at interacting with and building the XosiCoin community.


The Xosi Coin Tokenomics are designed to support both the Xosi Coin Ecosystem and Xosi Clothing brand. The total supply will be 100,000,000. Tax paid will go on a mix of Marketing Activities, Product Development / Deployment and the recruitment of necessary staff to oversee the Overall Xosi Project.

  • Xosi Partnerships

    Xosi has already sourced, created and developed a number of key partnerships all tied in with developing and producing a successful clothing line and the launch of a cryptocurrency.

    We will continue to utilise these partnerships to help our project evolve and succeed.

    We will continue to identify new partnerships where necessary and that meet the needs of both projects.

  • Xosi Coin Disclaimer and Terms.

    Xosi Coin (Crypto Currency) refers to all components of the project but not limited to the overall project, token, website, smart contracts, and any apps. Xosi Coin is not a licensed, unlicensed, or exempted financial or payment service of any kind, in any jurisdiction. All information discussed in the Xosi Coin white-paper is for reference and subject to change at anytime. While using and taking part in any or all components of the Xosi Coin Platform, you agree and understand the risk involved including staking. All users are encouraged to do their own research as they take sole responsibility of all risks including seeking legal, financial, or regulatory counsel prior to interacting with the Xosi Coin, the website, tokens, software, other tokens, and developments created by the Xosi Coin team members and community.

    What we want you to know about Buying and Selling Xosi Coin Tokens:

    1.1 XOSI Coin tokens are only intended for those persons who are knowledgeable and experienced in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and related technologies and protocols. by purchasing, holding, or using tokens, you acknowledge that transactions using cryptocurrencies are inherently unstable and you agree to accept that risk, and agree that Xosi Coin and each of its affiliates is not liable for any loss that you may suffer or incur, and further acknowledge, accept and assume all risks associated with the tokens and the platform.

    1.2 Tokens are intended to be marketed, offered and sold only to persons that are not prohibited persons.

    1.3 The marketing, offering and sale of tokens by Xosi Coin is expressly being made in the permitted jurisdictions on the basis that the tokens do not require that a prospectus be prepared or that other disclosure requirements be met or where other investor safeguards or regulatory documents or licensing is required in connection with the marketing, offering and sale of the tokens by Xosi Coin in the permitted jurisdictions. As at the date hereof Xosi Coin is not licensed, registered or otherwise regulated in the permitted jurisdictions in relation to the issuance, offering and sale of tokens by Xosi Coin.

    1.4 Other than to the extent set out in the White-paper, Xosi Coin tokens are not intended to be or to represent a stock, a loan contract, a commodity, a currency, a share, an instrument creating or acknowledging indebtedness, an instrument giving entitlements to securities, a certificate representing certain securities, an option, a future or a contract for difference in any permitted jurisdictions. tokens are not intended to be securities and the offer of tokens has not been registered with any governmental authority in any permitted jurisdictions. By interacting with Xosi Coin and its platform (s) you acknowledge and agree that tokens do not represent any stock, loan contract, commodity, currency, share, instrument creating or acknowledging indebtedness, instrument giving entitlements to securities, certificate representing certain securities, option, future or contract for difference or right to receive intellectual property rights of any member of the issuer group, or any voting or governance rights or any other right to influence the development or operation of Xosi Coin and do not represent any ownership right of or in Xosi Coin. however, without limitation to the above, Xosi Coin reserves all rights with respect to pursuing any form of decentralized governance should it so determine that doing so would be in the best interests of the holders of tokens from time to time.

    1.5 Xosi Coin reserves the right to cancel any token purchase at any time in Xosi Coin’s sole and absolute discretion and without prior notice and without any liability or further obligation of any kind whatsoever to you or any other party, in the event Xosi Coin finds such measures reasonable and/or necessary in a particular situation, including, but not limited to, change of regulatory requirements, or upon suspicion or detection that you do not primarily reside or are not domiciled in a permitted jurisdiction or are engaged in fraud or other illegal activity.

    1.6 Certain jurisdictions expressly prohibit or restrict the offer, sale and/or purchase of cryptocurrencies and/or cryptographic tokens, while other jurisdictions may require Xosi Coin and/or the tokens to be licensed, registered, authorised or otherwise regulated. the tokens may be deemed to be securities for purposes of securities laws in various jurisdictions such that the offer or sale of tokens by Xosi Coin in such jurisdictions may require registration or other steps to be taken with the relevant regulatory authorities in those jurisdictions or for an exemption from such registration or other steps being requirement. No such steps have been taken by Xosi Coin nor has any such relevant exemption been confirmed. some other jurisdictions have or may have been excluded from the token sale for other reasons, as determined by Xosi Coin in its sole and absolute discretion. persons (natural or legal) who are a resident or tax resident, have a domicile in or otherwise have a relevant connection with any prohibited jurisdiction are excluded from participating in the token sale and possessing and using an token. Tokens may not be marketed, offered or sold directly or indirectly to any prohibited person and neither these nor any information materials may be supplied to any prohibited person, or used in connection with the offer or sale of tokens by Xosi Coin to any prohibited person. The information contained in these T&C’s and/or, any information materials will not constitute an offer to sell or an invitation, advertisement or solicitation of an offer to buy any tokens within a prohibited jurisdiction or to any prohibited person. For the avoidance of doubt, the list of prohibited jurisdictions may be changed from time to time, irrespective of the awareness of Xosi Coin and relevant amendments may be made to these T&C’s. You are only permitted to use the website and platform and purchase tokens from Xosi Coin or any third party if you are not a prohibited person. To the extent a prohibited person attempts to enter into these T&C’s, purchase tokens from Xosi Coin or use the platform, such purported activity is void and of no force or effect.

    1.7 Each prospective purchaser of Tokens (whether from Xosi Coin or any third party) must comply with Applicable Law in connection with its purchase, holding, use and/or sale of the Tokens, including the securities laws of such prospective purchaser’s jurisdiction of residence or citizenship. Tokens may not be re-offered, resold or transferred, except in a transaction that is compliant with Applicable Law. Any action that is in violation of these restriction shall be void ab initio and Xosi Coin reserves the right to void any Tokens transferred or proposed to be transferred in violation of these provisions. Xosi Coin specifically disclaims any losses in value or potential value experienced by any participant resulting from any such restrictions or actions identified hereunder.

    GENERAL Terms

    2.1 These Terms are effective and binding on You, and the covenants, representations and warranties set out herein are repeated, each time You use the Tokens for any purpose or use or access the Platform or use or access any software on or through the Platform.

    2.2 You shall not acquire or seek to acquire any Tokens or access or use, or seek to access or use, the Platform if You are a Prohibited Person.

    2.3 Xosi Coin may change, modify, amend, alter or supplement these T&C’s(each an “Amendment”) at any time in order to reflect
    (i) changes to Applicable Law that may be, or which may otherwise become, applicable to the Tokens
    (ii) any developments that may otherwise reasonably be capable of materially adversely impacting the Tokens or their offering by Xosi Coin
    (iii) as Xosi Coin may in good faith deem advisable to protect the reputation of Xosi Coin or the effective operation of the Platform.

    2.4 Your continued use of the Tokens and/or the Platform after any such Amendment shall constitute Your consent to such Amendment and acceptance of the amended T&C’s (including the Information Materials). If Xosi Coin changes, amends, modifies, alters or supplements these T&C’s (including any of the Information Materials), Xosi Coin shall publish on its Website such amended version of these T&C’s and/or the Information Materials reflecting such Amendment. The revised T&C’s will be effective from the date of posting on the Website or such other date as indicated in the amended T&C’s. You waive any right You may have to receive specific notice of such Amendment. If You do not agree to the T&C’s in effect when You access or use the Platform, You must stop using the Platform.